Do you want the conference that will show you EXACTLY how to get things DONE so you can grow your business?  

Do you want the conference that will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know to get eyes on your Facebook Page so your clients can find you where the world hangs out?  

Do you want the conference that will give you the EXACT words to say so you can sell your services and products without sounding sleezy?  

Then you will want to attend the BEAM Women's Conference!!  

The Business, Empowerment and Motivational Women's Conference will do all these things and MORE....  

We know what it's like to want to do #allthethings but don't have a clue where to start.  

We know what it's like to have a fabulous product or service but don't know why people aren't knocking on your door.  

We know because we've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and worn it out. And now....NOW we want to share our knowledge and see YOU shine.  

It's your turn!  

Join us for the BEAM Women's Conference! 

Meet us in Hickory, North Carolina 

September 21st !!

Ready to Say Yes Right NOW?

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  • Sales Strategies 
  • Facebook Strategies 
  • Motivational Lessons 


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Let's Make a Date to Meet IN PERSON!


you are hanging out . . . 

 . . . it's a crisp weekend in September . . .

shoulder-to-shoulder with other women just like you:

. . . Ambitious

Hard-working. . . 

 . . .Big thinkers  

This event is unlike anything else out there  

Throughout their careers, Sasha and Renee have been to hundreds of conferences, retreats, workshops and meet-ups, taking the best of what WORKS and leaving the rest.  

This is not about learning ONE.MORE.THING.  

This is a place to work on your business alongside other high-achieving women. Smart women with experience and expertise in their industry...  

BUT they are looking for a BETTER WAY...  

A better way to live their life, on their own terms.  

Balance? Absolutely Your Rules? Always  

This is a time to get inspired.  

Now is THE moment you will look back on as the turning point . . .the "A-ha" moment.  

With a collective reach to over a million people on Facebook every week and 50+ years in the trenches, building businesses and sales from scratch, they know what it takes to expand your reach and earn a living online doing what you love, and they're sharing it all!  

It's going to be fun….  

There will be inside jokes….

...there will most definitely be things that happen in Hickory 

...that will NOT be seen or heard again…  

(Meet us in Hickory on September 21st!!)  

It will be our reservoir of empowerment and motivation for those days, when we feel all alone and are wondering what to do next.  

Sasha and Renee are powerhouse business women, who earned the badge, bought the t-shirt, wore it out and THEN created their own businesses custom-made for their lives and are here to show you EXACTLY how you can do it too. 

Just like they've shown so many others before... 

What will our B.E.A.M day look like? 

MEET US IN Hickory on SEPTEMBER 21st!!!

Friday, September 21....  

The action starts at 2:00 pm, with a jump start for your business. We'll dive into getting motivated to do what you NEED to do every day to grow your business and how to address the fear of taking the leap. You'll be ready to take charge all over the place by Monday morning!  

The evening continues over dinner with FUN! Get to know all the conference attendees and hosts!  

>>Find a great way to network and 'break the ice' when you're meeting a room full of people! (Dinner cost will not be included in conference cost)

Then on Saturday, September 22....

We'll get started at 9:00 A.M. 

Get ready to spend the day learning ground-breaking new strategies married with time-tested approaches to help you ACCELERATE your business. All with just enough breaks to grab a provided snack, some coffee, check those emails and call the family if you need to. 

We’re going to let our guard down and tell you the secrets from our past successes AND failures and WHY they didn’t work and what we learned FROM them. We’re going to explain how we run our business, while dealing with life and the world that brings everything to our door. Your door. The door of Every Single Business Woman in the room with us.  

And you’ll get time to process it all, take notes, make a plan, think about what would work FOR you, and get it straight in your head.  

And then we'll stop for lunch!

After we share a meal, meet new friends and make coffee chat dates, we'll jump back in gear and continue the sessions, creating new intro statements (the kind that make people say...tell me more!), and script out WHAT to say on those sales calls so that you get MORE paying clients.

You will NOT want to miss our wild and totally uncensored Q&A session, where you can ask us anything.  

You will also get TIME for consideration, questions and idea sparking with your fellow BEAMers.  

We wrap it up at 4:00 pm with a super challenging call to action because you will be ready to put all of your new insider secrets into ACTION!  

Time to IGNITE a spark inside of you that sets your business ablaze with action that gets you RESULTS.  


Stop here for the short version

When you invest in yourself and choose to spend the day with us in Hickory on FRIDAY & SATURDAY, September 21 & 22, 2018…

You are going to learn everything behind the scenes 

---> what it takes to reach over a million people weekly on social media 

...and a 90% closing rate on sales (boom)

In-depth information, specific, personal and business stories revealed that will only be heard in Hickory...  

What worked.  

What didn’t.  

What to do differently every day to consistently grow your business around your life...  

...and what lights you up!  

...get the benefit of being in a room with other women going through the exact same things...

...asking the questions you didn't even THINK to ask 

...getting the answers you need to take action on the right steps in the right order, right now!!!

Are you ready to say YES, to YOURSELF?

Your Hosts...

Sasha Gray

Sasha is a speaker, author and strategist for small business owners. With over 30 years in the business world, over a quarter million fans and well over a million reach on Social Media weekly, she knows how to create the strategies that work.

Renee Hribar

Seasoned Sales Coach, Speaker & Author of the book Sell Like a Mutha'. Renee guides motivated, intelligent women through the "sales talk" so they regain their power and retain their kindness . (10,000+ trainees later)

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