Sell Like a Mutha


Sell Like a Mutha'

 A Totally Unique Way for Women to

Get Paying NEW Clients

Every 7 Days


Without learning new tech or throwing money away on ads!

Women are learning how to have a profitable business because they finally FEEL GREAT about selling.  

NOT pushing NOT persuading NOT deploying the “latest TRICK”  

(totally distasteful)  

The women inside of Sell Like a Mutha' know HOW to sell to HUMANS  

On line In person Over the phone ANY WHERE  

They know HOW to build a business that can sustain them through furloughs, tech issues, and recessions.  

Why does that matter? 

It matters to the mother who wanted to stay home with her baby because it took she and her husband a long and painful fertility battle to finally hold him in their arms.  

It matters to the woman who after years of “unexplained illness” her boss says she cannot take any more days off. Unwilling to endure the chronic physical pain and discomfort, she leaves the “security” of that job and takes ALL of her experience with her. She is able to heal and rest and NOW is able to bring in MORE than she did before as an outsourced contract consultant.  

It matters to the woman who moved halfway around the world for her husbands career, leaving her social and professional networks behind. The move was exhilarating, but now she is ready to create a second career using her skills to bridge the gap between where they are now and retirement.  

It matters to the woman who went through “B” school two years ago and has taken every course worth its salt to LEARN the ropes and has felt like the reason she couldn’t crest those coveted five figure months was because SHE wasn’t worth it (not true). After a few weeks of working together she is able to leave me a message “Renee, I just collected my first $4,000 over the phone using your script and it felt GREAT for both the client and me!!” I am popping champagne.  

It matters to the woman who finally had the means to leave her abusive domestic situation and create a whole new life (some have returned to their hometown and others have added a new stamp to their passport) with a business that she knows is RELIABLE (because there are proven systems in place) and has FINALLY found peace and solace.  

It matters.  

There are a hundred other stories from other women just in the last year who have shifted the way they look at “the selling part” because they finally see it from a woman’s perspective and how FUN and FULFILLING it truly CAN be.  

Sell Like a Mutha' is Proven, Strategic, Feel-Good Sales  

What's Inside:

Here’s the truth... using the systems, strategies and swipe files inside of this program you WILL MAKE SALES.  

  • Even if you have No Website, no email list or NO idea WHAT to Offer (and are still finding your audience).

  • NO need to spend money on ads or learn new tech. 

  • I will not tell you to cut out pictures from magazines and light a candle to "manifest" your dreams. I will teach you WHAT to DO and SAY every day to get consistent income every single day.


What if "sales" could feel like you are chatting with a friend, not “persuading a prospect”  

Fill programs and service offers every time you create them.

Smart Women (like you) Are Making Sales:

 ~ Mallory Schlabach of Marketing Magic (Marketing Strategist)

~Linda Catling (Clarity Coach)

~Karen Delano (Parenting Coach)

Yes, You Will Learn How To:


1. Maximize 10-minute sprints (because sometimes, that's all we get)! 

2. Cherry pick the perfect people for you (so that you are not wasting time on social media trying to be "visible" or on dead-end phone calls). 

3. Nurture the right relationships that lead to sales (that actually HELP people). 

THEN . . . 

4. Anchor your sales (and your business) through value-driven weekly content (don't worry, I spell it out for you inside with MORE scripts and templates so you never have to wonder "what do I share without giving it all away") 

5. Continue conversations with ease so that you feel great making money AND friends wherever you go.

You’ll TAKE ACTION following a clear path every step of the way.  

Student Stories:

Lawyer and Life & Career Coach, Janine Esbrand

Founder of LightBox Coaching

TOTALLY new to the online space like Lori?

Have a Membership Site like Irena?

~ Irena Chace Miller Founder of Yoga with Irena

This is NOT Just "one.more.course."  

I get it, you swear you’re not going to do another program, but then you get off track, wonder if you’re “doing it right,” buy a course, and then you’re lost in a sea of people, more confused than when you started and unsure where to turn.  

This is a proven system and I’m throwing you the life preserver.  

Whether you’re working on your first sale or refining your million-dollar process, I’ll teach you how to make sales forever.  

How? I preach systems

Life is hard enough, so I’ll show you a straightforward, proven system that helps you succeed with each new offer. 

I have helped the BRAND new entrepreneur make her first sale AND the seasoned powerhouse finally turn the corner and flip the switch from getting "new email subscribers" to "connecting with new paying clients". 

The truth is, if you are consistently getting new people into your world but you aren't turning them into clients, collaborators or referrals, then you are missing a piece of the puzzle. 

The BEST news is I have all the copy & paste swipe files, email templates and phone scripts so all you have to do is use it. Most of the work has already been done for you. 

Get Everything You Need to Attract, Close and Nurture the BEST Client Relationships 

Valued at $10,500


Is it worth it?

You be the judge:

Offer Done-for-You Services like Cristin?

Maybe You are the NEXT Mari Smith like Sasha...

Before working with Renee I was unsure about how to create and market my skills to my target audience.  

After working with Renee I have a system in place to sell out my course. I sold 8 spots in 4 days while on vacation and already created a wait list for the next course (which I created because of the interest generated from my posts and Renee's guidance). I also decided to run the course monthly, and, still using Renee's guidance, I filled the first one up before even launching it. She also offered a system to upsell within the course in a way that adds value and feels like the next natural step.  

With Renee's help, in just one week, I went from a non-course creator, to a course creator with a wait list and a full course, with a plan to position myself as the go-to person for my course content.

-Sasha Gray

Are you working full-time at your day job like Layne?

- Layne Booth Founder of Project Booth

All in 10 Minutes a Day!!!

::Attract and Connect with the RIGHT people 

::Get new PAYING clients ON DEMAND 

::Feel great and breathe easy because now you know what to say, and do each day for more impact & income.

What's Included:

The Zero to Sales in 10 Minutes a Day Template and DAILY Prospecting Guide

Signature Step-by-Step SYSTEM  

Broken down with easy-to-digest 5-Minute Videos, and "Copy & Paste" Swipe Files 

(Valued at $3,300) 

FIRST THINGS FIRST: It takes shifting HOW you look at your offers. Setting Income and Impact Goals is a HUGE Step. This is the FIRST piece I have guided companies large and small through and have found some were completely missing it, or doing it WRONG

1. We start putting out "warm cookies", learning to identify WHO to talk to. It's NOT what "the guru's" are saying. 

The GOOD news, I've got THE SECRET RECIPE!!  

2. We learn to LOVE. This is one of my signature strategies that EVERY last ONE of my clients has told me has literally FLIPPED the SWITCH on HOW they feel about selling (and the RESULTS they get).

Get ready for lots of "I CAN do this" and "This FEELS Great!!"

3. Right here is where SO many clients turn the corner. ESPECIALLY those who had been throwing money into ads, design, and "getting visible" but still wondering where the sales were... 

Start to CONNECT like a NINJA.

4. This is where you may be asked to do something you've NEVER done get a RESULT you've NEVER had before. 

Creating VALUE First. 

5. Creating a LADDER of Offers. This part of the journey is where we make sure that WHAT you are offering makes sense (and DOLLARS). It's about so much more than what you "could do". This is where that bubble in your chest is going to start to come out and you will feel RELIEF. 

Make a Full-Time Income on Your Own Time!!!

6 Months of LIVE Group Sessions

(Valued at $2,000)

Deep Dive sessions once-a-month about YOU and specific scenarios you (and the other active students) are experiencing NOW.  

Ask questions, get clarification, and walk away with renewed inspiration and fuel to conquer your goals for the month

Sales Call Secrets Course

(Valued at $2,000) 

  • Super Charge your Sales Conversations in 3 field-tested Steps that NO ONE is using (but make all the difference) for FEEL GOOD sales conversations that lead to NEW PAYING CLIENTS (even if you've never sold anything before). The CURE to "I have to think about it" and "Now isn't the best time..." so that you CLEAR the way for YES. 

*this alone was sold as a profitable program but is currently ONLY available HERE

Private Client Template Vault

(Valued at $1,000) 

  • The Private Client TEMPLATE VAULT!!! Write emails for every step of the selling process from client acquisition, retention, follow-up and referral.  
  • Step-by-Step HOW to Do VIP Days!! (priceless) 
  • Includes the customizable "Secret Swipe Script" to Securing coveted VIP Session and long-term RETAINER clients with a 15 minute CALL --> Cash in the BANK!! 

Sell Like a Mutha' Profit Planner

(Valued at $500) 

  • My CUSTOM Sell Like A Mutha' Trello Planning Board makes it is easy for you to plug ANY future idea you have into my Signature SYSTEM and TEST ... getting you RESULTS so QUICK your competitions' head will spin. 

The Authenticity Quotient

Selling with Stories so you NEVER have to "SELL" again

(Value $1200)

  • We've all heard the saying "Facts Tell, Stories Sell". 
  • We've heard it, because it's TRUE.
  • Do you struggle "sharing your story" or incorporating the "stories" of your clients into your conversations, social media posts, emails and sales copy?
  • This ENTIRE Section is DEDICATED to doing EXACTLY THAT. I have made it easy for you, all you have to do is fill-in-the blanks and copy & paste! 

Plus Entire Sections on ALL of the Before, During and After "pieces" to the Sales Puzzle (Valued at $500)


Sales is a non-negotiable skill. 

  • STOP Gambling on "BIG LAUNCH DAYS" but feel broke the rest of the year.

  • Gain control of your client flow (even if you are brand new) without annoying your friends or throwing money away on ads!  

  • Learn to SELL so that it feels great and puts money in YOUR bank account NOW.  

Everything You Need to Attract, Close and Nurture the BEST Client Relationships is All in ONE Place Available on ALL Devices 

What You Get:

The Zero to Sales in 10 Minutes a Day Template and DAILY Prospecting Guide (Valued at $3,300) 

6 Months of LIVE Group Sessions (Valued at $2,000

Sales Call Secrets Course (Valued at $2,000)

Private Client Template Vault (Valued at $1,000)

Sell Like a Mutha' Profit Planner (Valued at $500)

The Authenticity Quotient Formula (Valued at $1,200)

ALL of the Before, During and After "pieces" to the Sales Puzzle (Valued at $500)

Total Value = $10,500 

All for ONLY $997 or 6 Payments of $197

7 Day Money Back Guarantee: I am the one taking ALL of the risk here. If you invest in becoming the BEST sales person in YOUR business and do not find the strategies and systems to accomplish that inside of my Sell Like a Mutha' Program, I will personally give you a full refund. You have 7 days to come in and look around and if you want a refund, all I ask is that we get on a 10 minute call so that I can find out what happened.

Maybe your average sale is $8,000 like Deb?

Are you a Funnel & Automation Expert like Elizabeth Salazar of Get Visible Marketing?

Are you a Branding & Web Design Expert like Lina Adjogble of Create with Lina?

Do NOT Waste ONE More Day Wondering Where Your Next Client is Coming From. 

Who the heck is Renee "there's an 'H' in there somewhere" Hribar??

I'm going to be straight with you. Being an entrepreneur is NOT easy. I've been one since 1996. Being an award-winning sales leader, having sold hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services, captivating audiences from 15 to 1500 and training thousands to make their first sale, my resume is solid. BUT. Nothing. EVER compared to the joy I get from being MOMMY.  

When we FINALLY had our baby (after 12 years of trying) we didn't want to miss a MINUTE. So I sought out a BETTER WAY to do business. The only problem is that as a business owner, you may be "dazzled by ALL THE THINGS" we are told by the Guru's that we NEED to do in order to be successful. 

It's easy to stay busy and STILL NOT be profitable. I see it every day wth clients who come to me crying "I've tried everything else". . . 

FACT: If your company is not making sales, your company will die. It will cease to exist. It's beautiful website, branding, podcast and blog will go unseen and unheard. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. In the words of many famous business leaders, Mark Cuban repeated this on the Shark Tank, "Sales Cures ALL" and you KNOW he is right.

If your company is making sales, even small ones to start, you are in a position of power. Your back is not up against the wall. You have choices. 

Be BOLD. Become the BEST salesperson in your business.


One more time in case you are like me and need to hear it again.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee: I am the one taking ALL of the risk here. If you invest in becoming the BEST sales person in YOUR business and do not find the strategies and systems to accomplish that inside of my Sell Like a Mutha' Program, I will personally give you a full refund. You have 7 days to come in and look around and if you want a refund, all I ask is that we get on a 10 minute call so that I can find out what happened.