Terms & Conditions

PURCHASE AGREEMENT This agreement is between Renee Hribar International, LLC and the pruchaser for the purposes of outlining the terms and conditions of the offer detailed on the sales page. This is the entire agreement in full.  

SERVICES Renee Hribar International, LLC will provide training and information around the client's overall sales development in accordance with the details set out in the sales page.  

RESPONSIBILITIES Renee Hribar International, LLC will make reasonable efforts to ensure The Client’s success. The Client understands that Renee Hribar International, LLC cannot guarantee the Client’s success. The Client also understands it is her responsibility to follow up on and perform the related actions.  

CONFIDENTIALITY Renee Hribar International, LLC promises The Client that all information provided will be kept strictly confidential, except where agreed upon by both parties. No personal information shall be released without the client’s consent. The Client understands that all material presented in the training process is owned by Renee Hribar International, LLC, aside from customized 1:1 writing crafted for specific use of The Client. The Client promises that any notes The Client takes will be for The Client’s individual use only. The Client will not resell any of the consulting and training distinctions and material without the prior written consent of Renee Hribar International, LLC. Furthermore, The Client will not attempt to consult or coach other individuals using the principles and methodologies employed in the consulting relationship and training therein without the prior written consent of Renee Hribar International, LLC.  

TERM Training will begin and end for the allotted agreement in accordance with the details set forth on the sales page. The Client can terminate this agreement at any time, but no financial credit will be given unless otherwise. If for some reason Renee Hribar International, LLC must terminate the program, appropriate compensation will be given in accordance with the amount of work performed by The Consultant.  

FEES Fees are paid prior to the start of services.  

GRIEVANCES In the case that The Client is unhappy with services Renee Hribar International, LLC agrees to discuss ways of improving service, not to include the repayment of any dues or fees.  

LIABILITY By working with Renee Hribar International, LLC, The Client is representing herself as a competent, effective individual who is fully able to make her own personal and business decisions and choices. This includes decisions and choices The Client may make as a result of this coaching process. The Client represents herself or her company as being able to operate fully, freely, and responsibly for all of The Client’s personal and business decisions and actions. By confirming this agreement, The Client is agreeing that any actions she or her company takes as a result of The Consultant’s input, coaching, speaking, training, writing, editing or development are The Client’s actions and The Client’s actions alone. The Client alone is responsible completely and fully for the outcomes, results and any liabilities that arise from taking those actions. The Client waives all claims of any type whatsoever that The Client may have against Renee Hribar International, LLC arising out of or in connection with any claims or lawsuits against The Client or liabilities or damages of any sort incurred by The Client related to any actions The Client takes or decisions The Client makes as a result of programs or trainings Renee Hribar International, LLC input, coaching, speaking, training, or development. The Client understands that this work is considered Consulting and training.  

Your payment indicates a full understanding of and agreement with the agreement outlined above.